5 things that are the Kiss of Death in an interview

1) Not showing enthusiasm for the position and/or the company and why you want to work for them
2) Answering your phone and/or having your phone ring during the interview
3) Not have a good reason why they should want to hire you
4) Putting “see attached resume” on your application instead of filling it out completely
5) Not bringing a copy of your resume to the interview

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One thought on “5 things that are the Kiss of Death in an interview”

  1. I agree! What would really be bad is forgetting to bring your resume after writing “see attached resume” on the application. One of my bosses has had that happen to him and I couldn’t believe it. I think another “kiss of death” for an interview if having an unprofessional appearance. Appropriate wardrobe and posture are definitely a must. Thanks for the post, I’m sure many people will find it useful as I did myself!

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