Are you giving up too Easily?

Have you ever found yourself wondering if you would have pushed
yourself just a little bit harder if you would have succeeded? I found
myself thinking about this very question just the other night. I was
playing a game on my iPhone at the airport called “Unblock Me.” (Very
appropriate name for this discussion!) It is a very simple game that
requires you to move blocks in different directions until your main
colored block has a clear path to exit the puzzle.
    I think
this game can be a great analogy for life. You see, I had played this
puzzle several times to no avail. It was not until about the 5th time
that I realized that I was missing a critical move and was quitting the
game too soon. If I had just made that one additional move the whole
puzzle would have unfolded very easily. This gave me an “ah ha” moment
when I began to realize how many times in life I stop just short of my
goal because I think the obstacles in front of me are insurmountable
and that I have no moves left.
   This analogy became even more
clear to me on Saturday night when I was attending a VIP networking
event in San Francisco. When I first arrived at the party, there very
only a few people there and I began talking to someone standing near me
about business, with no intention of speaking to this person for more
then a few minutes to pass the time.
   There were a few key VIPs
that I really wanted to speak with that night, so as the party began to
fill up, I had already planned my exit strategy from that initial
conversation. As luck would have it, I wound up talking to this initial
person longer then I had originally anticipated, and wound up getting
some extremely valuable information about book publishing out of the
conversation. I would have never gained that information if it were not
for the fact that I had stayed that extra 5 minutes to talk to him.
Ask yourself this: How often have you stopped short of your goals? How
many times do you give up because you think it will not make a
   Think about this tonight before you go to bed and
make a list of the top 10 things you wish you had accomplished, but
stopped short of because of some obstacle. Then look at your list, pick
one thing that you had given up on, and begin to look at that thing
from a new perspective. Write down 10 ways that you could push through
and achieve that goal if you really wanted to. Try to think outside of
the box and look at this goal in a new way. Do not tell yourself “I
cannot do it,” instead, ask yourself “How can I do it?”
   If you
can break through even one block, that can help to give you a clear
path towards achieving your goals! When you break through just one of
your blocks you are on your way having everything you want out of life!

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