Getting More than you Give

said: It is better to give than to receive was definitely on the right track.
Whether you believe in karma, dharma or just doing something good for the sake
of doing it, giving is one of the most powerful tools of successful people.
Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates are two perfect examples of this. Even though they both are
worth billions they never stop figuring out ways to give back to those in need.
Whether your idea of giving is to open a school in an impoverished area, feed the hungry, volunteer for your favorite charity or
simply give your money to a charitable cause that you believe in, giving back
can be an amazing source of fulfillment.


life many of the most successful people, 6 figure earners included, use their
wealth to do something positive to contribute and give back to their communities. The more you
make the higher your status becomes, and the more people begin to look at you as
a role model or example. There is nothing more powerful in this world than
being able to be a contribution to another human being.


comes in many forms. You can contribute money to a group or individual or make
a difference by donating your time. Regardless there are thousands of
organizations that need your assistance. Lance Armstrong is probably one of the
greatest examples of someone who is committed to making a difference in this
world through his contributions. He was personally affected by testicular
cancer and used that to motivate himself to create the Live Strong Foundation. In
doing so, he has raised millions and millions of dollars using his celebrity to
help raise money for cancer research.


do not have to be a celebrity or a billionaire to make a difference though. Just look at Mother Theresa. She is a perfect example of one person who made a huge impact. Any
one person can make a difference simply by acknowledging the people in their
lives that make a difference. I was once asked to participate in an exercise
where each day we were asked to acknowledge at least one person in our life. It is amazing
the difference you can make in another person’s life simply by telling them
thank you. In my case, I spent each day acknowledging various people in my
life, from my parents to the security guard who let me up every day in my
building to the parking garage attendant, Jorge, who made sure my car was
safe every day while I was at work.


really is amazing how the little things in life can make the greatest impact. Imagine
what life would be like if you refused to take anything for granted. If you
thanked every person you encountered for the difference they make in your life.
What would life be like? What would the world be like if we all took the time
to acknowledge the everyday people who make a difference?

encourage each of you to go out in your life and acknowledge at least
one person for the difference they make. Doing this will not only make
a difference in the other person’s life, but can also greatly
contribute to your own.

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