Connecting with Executives

I recently had an opportunity to listen to a speaker, who
also happens to be one of the world’s greatest connectors. His name is Larry
Benet. Larry is known throughout the world for his ability to instantaneously
connect with multi-millionaires and billionaires anywhere he goes. Part of what
he attributes his success to is attitude and another part of Larry’s success is
his willingness to be fearless.

I am going to give you some ideas on how to become unstoppable when dealing
with executives once you get past a gate-keeper. Larry does not let a little
thing like a gate-keeper stop him. Whether Larry is at an event where he meets
a potential lead or is on the phone with a potential lead, he has an uncanny
ability to relate to and connect with people of all levels. Today, I am going
to offer you some insights on how you can be just as fearless as Larry. In my
last blog I had shared with you that I would blog about how to connect with an
executive once you have them on the phone. Below is a sample of a script I
would use once I have gotten past the gate-keeper and now have the executive on
the phone:

Start off related like you already
know the person and already have a rapport with them:

Executive (let’s call him Bob)

Bob, it is Jennifer. How are you?” Me

Jennifer, I am sorry what is this regarding?” Bob

had noticed we shared ABC Group on Linkedin and thought you might be a great
person to reach out to regarding X. I wanted to connect with you and see if you
had a minute to talk. “

“I don’t have much time to speak
right now.”

“No problem, I got it, I know you
are extremely busy. I just noticed that you have XYZ need and wanted to connect
with you to find out how I can be a resource for you. “

is one of the most valuable things I learned from Larry. Offer to be a
resource! What I learned from Larry was that you should always find out how YOU
can help THEM. Ask them what project they are most passionate about and/or how
you can be a resource for them. Doing this creates rapport and shows them that
you are not just interested in making it about you. Another tip he gave us was
the 90/10 rule. Spend 90% of the time allowing the executive to talk and 10% of
the time talking about yourself. There are many tips I can give you about being
more effective at networking and/or connecting with important people, however,
if you follow those two principles, you will find a significant increase in
your success.

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