Taking it One Day at a Time

It is easy to get distracted from your job search by everyday things. Your family, your friends, and a variety of other commitments are just waiting to pull you away from your job search. When you are looking for a job it is important to stay focused and to not lose sight of what you are committed to, ie. finding a job. The longer you have been looking for a job, the more challenges and distractions you may find you are faced with. Below I have offered a few tips for staying motivated and focused in your job search.
-The most important thing that you can do to stay focused in your job search is to set yourself up with a schedule, just like you would have if you were in the office, and stick to it! Granted, there will be times where you will need to adjust the schedule, but overall, having a set schedule will help you have some sense of normalcy.
-Wake up every morning and give yourself at least 5 minutes to focus on what you want to accomplish that day before you do anything else. If you spend each morning thinking about what you want to accomplish it will help you to focus your day on what needs to get done and will help you to plan more effectively.
-Check your email first thing in the morning. It is important not to miss out on any important job interviews that may have come up. It is also important to check your email first thing in the morning because many websites such as www.indeed.com and www.jobshouts.com offer features that will send you an updated email with any new positions that have come up in the last 24 hours (this email is typically sent out first thing in the morning). It is important to jump on these opportunities when they are fresh so that you are at the top of the pile of those who are being considered.
-Apply to jobs in the morning. Do not put off sending in your resume until the end of the day. Remember, the early bird gets the worm and you do not want to miss out on your dream job because you put off applying to a particular position until it was too late! Recruiters and hiring managers are often inundated with resumes, and may find what they are looking for in the first 100 resumes that are submitted. Resumes that are sent later in the day can often be lost in the shuffle.
-Only spend an hour a day using Social Media and use that hour of time intentionally. Once you have found the jobs you are interested in and have sent your resume out to those jobs, it is now time to use Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to help facilitate your job search. Use this time wisely! Tweet about relevant articles in your industry, use Linkedin to start discussions related to your field, and finally, connect with Facebook friends to see who they might know that could be a resource for you. Try to avoid going onto these websites more then once a day. Social Media can be a wonderful tool to use in your job search, but it can also be a distraction if not used properly. To find out more about effectively using Social Media in your job search please go to: http://jhccs.com/Social_Media_Training.html
-Save the networking for evenings or later in the day. Networking can be a lot of fun and a great resource for finding a new job, but it can also take a lot of work and can require a lot of energy. It is better to get your other work done first before you sap all of your energy by attending a networking event.
If you follow these steps and create a schedule that works for you, you will quickly find yourself with more free time and more of the results you want: Interviews!

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