5 Things to Avoid on your Resume

1) Generic statements. Using a generic statement, such as “customer oriented,” without backing that statement up with a result can hurt your resume. Anyone can say they are “customer oriented,” but unless they can back that statement up with evidence to support it, those are just words. Instead of using a generic statement such as “customer oriented”, use a specific example that illustrates how customer oriented you are, ie. “Achieved 100% customer satisfaction over 6 month period by listening to and understanding customer’s needs…”

2) Objectives. Objectives are rarely used anymore, and are becoming obsolete in many resume situations. Instead of using an objective, try replacing your objective with a “Summary of Qualifications” or “Achievements” section. If a resume is done well, it should already be clear to the employer what your objective is without having to state your objective outright.

3) Extraneous white space. One of the most common errors I see on a resume is the inefficient use of page space. Think of the page space on your resume as valuable real estate. Every space on your resume should be used to make a case for why an employer should hire you, and should not be wasted. Be especially careful of having too wide of margins. Having wide margins can  leave that valuable space unused!

4) Lengthy paragraphs. Employers do not take the time to read your resume, rather they skim. The same is true of lengthy paragraphs. In order to avoid an employer missing something important on your resume, use bullet points to highlight significant information, and to break apart your resume more clearly.

5) Choppy alignment. EVERYTHING on your resume should be properly aligned, especially your dates and employers. I often come across resumes where nothing is aligned or some of the resume is aligned and then the rest is all over the place. This does not work! You need to make your resume visually appealing and easy to read. Setting proper alignment can help do this. When you do not properly align your dates and/or other important information on your resume, it can cause your resume to look sloppy. Take the time to set the necessary tabs to make everything line up appropriately and come across more clearly.

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