Should you use a Recruiter?

When is it appropriate to use a Recruiter?

1) Using a Recruiter can be very beneficial when you are working in a specialized area. Recruiters often help companies find candidates for hard to fill, specialized positions.
2) When you are looking for temporary work. If you are looking to supplement your income a Recruiter can be a great resource. When you register with an agency they will keep you on their active list and will keep you updated on any contract jobs that meet your job search criteria.
Why should you use a Recruiter?
*A Recruiter can often provide you with resources such as testing and internal information on specific companies and hiring managers that can help you land your next job
*Recruiters can critique your resume and can offer valuable information regarding what companies are looking for
*They will typically negotiate your salary for you
*A Recruiter may have access to job openings that you will not find on Monster or Careerbuilder
*One of the main reasons a job seeker might want to consider using a Recruiter is that using a Recruiter is FREE to the job seeker. Companies pay Recruiters to find them the right candidates, but Recruiters do not typically charge a job seeker to represent them.
Why should you be careful of using a Recruiter?
*A bad Recruiter can send your resume out to potential employers WITHOUT your permission and/or knowledge. Keep in mind that, unlike financial professionals, Recruiters do not have to report to any regulatory agency. Just like any position, there are good Recruiters and bad Recruiters out there. It is your job to interview your Recruiter and to make sure they are looking out for your best interests before you decide to move forward working with them.
         -Be careful about posting your resume on Monster & Careerbuilder! Recruiters can find your resume on those sites and send your          resume out without your knowledge.
         -Set up rules and realistic expectations with your Recruiter up front. Let your Recruiter know in advance that you want to have               every position run by you first before your resume gets sent out. Ideally, you should have an Excel spreadsheet with WHERE your          resume has been sent, to WHOM it has been sent, WHEN it was sent, WHAT company it was sent to, and if a Recruiter did send          your resume, be sure to list WHICH agency represented you for that position. 
         –Recruiters have anywhere from a 6 month to a 1 year contract with each company they work with. This is why it is important to               always know which agency sent you for a particular position. If ABC agency sent your resume to XYZ company in May, and now          XYZ company has another position posted in July, you will be obligated to go through ABC agency again if you want to pursue               that opportunity. This is not always a bad thing, but it is something you should be aware of and keep track of.
         -If you are looking to make a career transition, a Recruiter might not be the best resource for you. Recruiters are paid a fee by a               company to find EXACTLY what that company is looking for. This means Recruiters might not have as much wiggle room to try               and get a candidate an interview when that candidate’s experience is not a direct fit. 
Overall, Recruiters can be a wonderful resource for you in your job search when used properly. Do not rely 100% on a Recruiter to find you a job. They will do the best they can, but cannot find every job seeker a job every time. It is important to always be honest, patient and respectful with Recruiters, and if you are, you will reap the rewards! 

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