Linkedin Recommendations are your life line!

Today I was asked a very important question at a Pink Slip Mixer: “Should I have recommendations on my Linkedin Profile and how important are they?” The answer is unequivocally YES and VERY IMPORTANT!

In today’s technologically advanced world, it is critical to make sure your online profile puts your best foot forward. If a potential employer comes across 3 potential candidates on Linkedin and only one has good recommendations, who do you think is going go get the job?

This was the case for a Senior Paralegal I have worked with for years. Per my insistence, she not only put together a Linkedin Profile, but also went out and got several glowing recommendations as well. When she was called in for a high level position with a law firm, and was asked to provide references, she was able to quickly direct them to her Linkedin profile. The job offer which came next was due in part to the employer’s ability to quickly verify those viagrapill click here recommendations.

If you are on Linkedin it is not acceptable to not get recommendations. Everyone should have at least one great recommendation if not 3-5.