Top 10 Mistakes Job Seekers Make When Writing Their Resumes

The TOP 10 Mistakes Made When Writing a Resume

1) Not being 100 % honest

2) Having too much information and/or too many pages

3) Listing your reasons for leaving on your resume and/or listing your salary history

4) Poor formatting, including having too much white space on the page and/or putting all of your information in paragraph form rather then bulleting out your experience

5) Listing an address in a location far away from where you are applying for (this specifically applies for people from out of state-get a PO BOX if need be)

6) Having an inappropriate email address-such as or phone message or song when people try to reach you

7) Using personal pronouns, such as “I did blah blah blah”. I is not appropriate for a resume

8) Having a picture or a border around your resume

9) Being vague and/or too general about your experience

10) Having typos, grammatical errors, or misspellings





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