Network your way into your next job!

If you are someone who is looking for a job, you are probably spending a lot of your time applying to positions on-line.  This can begin to feel rote and even tedious. Leverage time spent in front of the computer by not only applying for positions on-line, but also by using social networking sites such as,, and to update your community on what is happening in your job search. Instead of primarily using these sites for personal use, begin to use them to tell your community you are looking for a job and to utilize their help in your search for a new position. You could post a comment such as “Just had a great interview” or “Trying to get into X Company.” By using your network, you are increasing your visibility and broadening your group of contacts which can lead to opportunities you may have not otherwise been aware of.

In addition to using on-line networking tools, you can attend FREE networking events that could lead to potential interviews. One of these types of events is called Pink Slip Mixers. By attending a mixer you are no longer just your resume, you can get valuable face time with both recruiters and potential employers. Maximize your time by bringing copies of your resume, and business cards, which can easily be attained through websites such as

Check the Pink Slip Mixers website for upcoming events throughout the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas:

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