How to answer Trick Questions

There are several interview questions that are meant to trick you, and these questions require a little creative thinking. One such example is: “What sort of management style do you prefer: someone who micro-manages you or someone who gives you complete autonomy?” 

This trick question forces the interviewee to pick a side. The average job candidate would choose one option over the other and then make a case for their decision. A top notch job candidate would think outside the box, and perhaps answer “Both.” 
The trick to answering these difficult questions is to come up with a third option. The third option could sound something like this:
“I am looking to find a position where I can build a trusting relationship with whatever manager I wind up working for. I realize that trust is something that you have to earn, so I would expect that in the beginning I might need a little more guidance and direction. As time goes on, I hope to create a mutual understanding and a symbiotic relationship built on clear communication. As I gain more experience, I would hope the manager I work for would begin to give me more flexibility and to trust in my judgement.”
This is just one example of how you can transform an either or question into an opportunity to create something new. This method works with a variety of different situational questions. It is important never to leave the person you are interviewing with on the defensive. You always want to address the question that is being asked and come up with a creative solution that works for everyone. 

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