Attitude is EVERYTHING

If you do not have a CAN DO attitude, you cannot get the job. Of the 20 6 figure earners I have interviewed thus far, each has agreed on one thing: ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING!

What does this mean? It means that, if you go into an interview, and make it all about what the employer can offer you, they are not going to be interested. They want to know, what is in it for them if they hire you. The mistake many job seekers are making is not being flexible. It is important to realize that you first need to get hired and prove your worth before you can start making demands.

The second thing this means is that your attitude about your job search, and your current situation can directly impact how effective you are in finding a new position. There are numerous talented individuals on the job market right now, and yes it is very competitive. This, however, does not mean it is impossible to find a wonderful job.  Job seekers are being hired every day, and often in great positions. So you may be wondering what is it that they have that you don’t? They have a positive mental attitude and perseverance. Many of them may have also been looking for a job for months or years, but this did not hinder them in finding that perfect position.

I understand that in certain fields there my be less positions then in others. One such example would be real estate. If you are in one of these fields that is not hiring, I would encourage you to look at your situation as an opportunity rather then a problem. One six figure earner I recently interviewed explained that what has made him successful in his life and his career has been looking at every potential challenge as an opportunity. With great challenges come great growth opportunities.

Next time you are feeling frustrated or depressed about your job search or just in general, try to look for where there is an opportunity to grow in ways you could have never imagined before.

Man Know Thyself

One of the many hindrances for job seekers in landing the job of their dreams, is not acknowledging themselves for all of the things that make them amazing. Many of us are taught as children that we should not boast or be proud. While you certainly may not want to be the type of person who only cares about him or herself, you also do not want to downplay your greatness and what you have to contribute to the world. 

In business, realizing your own greatness, or that what differentiates you from others in a positive way can often result in landing your dream job. In many of the 6 figure interviews I have conducted thus far, the 6 figure earners have all concurred that having confidence in oneself is vital to being successful in business and in life. You are doing the world no favors by holding your greatness back. I invite you to take a look at the things which make you come alive, those natural talents which make you who you are.  Then, once you get a list of those ten things that make you shine, ask yourself how you can go out and share those gifts in your everyday life.

I will share with you my personal list I made, which I will keep by my desk to remind me why I am here on this planet and what I have to contribute to others:

1) My generosity

2) My willingness to help others/do charitable work

3) My ability to listen to people and have them feel heard

4) My ability to see the best in people in any situation and to help them to see the best in themselves

5) My capacity to love others unconditionally

6) My ability to instantly relate with people and connect to them

7) My perseverance

8) My ambition/drive

9) My zealous for life

10) My fearlessness and ability to be unstoppable

Linkedin Recommendations are your life line!

Today I was asked a very important question at a Pink Slip Mixer: “Should I have recommendations on my Linkedin Profile and how important are they?” The answer is unequivocally YES and VERY IMPORTANT!

In today’s technologically advanced world, it is critical to make sure your online profile puts your best foot forward. If a potential employer comes across 3 potential candidates on Linkedin and only one has good recommendations, who do you think is going go get the job?

This was the case for a Senior Paralegal I have worked with for years. Per my insistence, she not only put together a Linkedin Profile, but also went out and got several glowing recommendations as well. When she was called in for a high level position with a law firm, and was asked to provide references, she was able to quickly direct them to her Linkedin profile. The job offer which came next was due in part to the employer’s ability to quickly verify those recommendations.

If you are on Linkedin it is not acceptable to not get recommendations. Everyone should have at least one great recommendation if not 3-5.

What does it take to be a 6 figure success?

I recently had the opportunity to interview a CEO of a multi-million dollar company. He himself began as a CPA, and taught himself how to be successful and run a business. There are 3 things that he attributes to his success, and explained were absolutely necessary to be rewarded monetarily in the business world. These three attributes are the following:

1) Timeliness
2) Accuracy
3) Economics

An old business adage says that you can often get 2 of the above traits but rarely can find all 3. When someone possesses all 3 of these distinctions and applies them in the working world, they will always be the ones who are rewarded. It goes back to the old saying of “Doing more than you are paid for.” If you are hired in a particular position, and consistently produce accurate work, before the deadline and do it profitably, you will be rewarded!

Looking to be a success in your field?

One of the most underutilized tools in becoming successful at that which you do, is not using the resources you already have available to you. In doing the research for my upcoming book “Do you have what it takes to be a 6 figure success?” I have begun to interview experts in their respective fields on what it was that has made them so successful.

In a recent interview with a very prosperous advertising sales representative for a national women’s magazine, she mentioned that one of the keys to her success was the research she did prior to landing her position. She knew that she wanted to get into an advertising sales position, and was committed to do whatever it took to land her dream job. In order to prepare for what it was going to take for her to land her dream job, she began to have “informational” interviews with experts in her chosen field.

She approached key people in the industry she wanted to get into, advertising, and proceeded to interview them on what it took for them to get to where they were. In doing so, she gained valuable information on what she herself would have to do if she wanted to flourish in her field. Now, after 25 successful years as an advertising sales representative, she is thriving and wants you to be able to have the same success for yourself. You too, can be a six figure success in the field that most inspires you by simply applying the methods that those before you have already been successful with.

Do not let another day pass you by doing something that does not fulfill you! Go out today, and find an individual in the field you are most interested in. Ask them if they will give you a few minutes of their time for an “informational” interview and you may be surprised by their answer.

Start living your dream TODAY!

The quickest way not to land a job, is to not apply!

The quickest way not to land a job, is to not apply! While this may seem pretty straightforward,
many job seekers underestimate how
much time they should spend on their job search a day.
It is important to apply to a minimum of 5-10 positions per day, and to spend at
least 40
hours a week working on your job search (this is if you are unemployed).

You do not want to burn yourself out, however, you can hardly expect to land your dream job if you are not
investing the necessary time and effort. In addition to spending 40 hours a week on your search, and
sending out 5-10 resumes a day, you should also keep a running Excel spreadsheet of:

Where your resume was sent,
to Whom it was sent,
When it was sent,
and for What position it was sent for.

By doing these three things, you will increase the amount of interviews you receive, and
thus increase the likelihood of landing your perfect job.

The top 5 reasons to start volunteering while you are looking for a new job

Many job seekers underestimate the power of unpaid/volunteer work. Potential employers like to see that you are making good use of your time while you are unemployed. Here are the top 5 reasons to begin volunteering during your down time:

1) Volunteering can help add valuable skills to your resume that you may not already have, or may enhance the skills you do have
2) Showing unpaid and/or volunteer work can help explain gaps in your resume
3) By offering your skills for free, you are showing a potential employer that you are willing to go the extra mile
4) It shows employers that you are committed to being productive, rather then sitting around hoping a job lands in your lap

Looking to spice up your resume with some strong action verbs?

While doing research for a recent resume writing workshop I was putting on, I came across this wonderful list of action verbs that I wanted to share:

Action Verbs

accelerate advise analyze approve arrange assemble assist build collect complete
conceive conduct control coordinate create delegate detect develop direct discover
distribute edit deliver demonstrate design eliminate establish evaluate examine expand
expedite formulate generate implement improve increase influence install instruct lead
maintain manage motivate obtain operate order organize originate oversee participate
perform pinpoint plan prepare present process produce program promote propose
protest prove provide purchase receive recommend record reduce reinforce reorganize
represent research revamp review revise schedule select sell setup solve
streamline structure study supervise support teach test train write

Are objectives necessary on a resume?

There are only two reasons, in my opinion, to have an objective listed on your resume. 

The first reason would be:

1) If you are a student with little to no work experience in a particular field, then it would be appropriate to add an objective so that the potential employer can see what type of job you are interested in.
The second reason would be:
2) If you are changing into a new career after already having worked in a different field. In this case it would be helpful to identify what new industry you are pursuing (if it is not already clear from the resume).
I personally think objectives are an outdated tool, and should be replaced with a “Summary of Qualifications” and/or nothing at all. If it is already apparent from your resume what your end goal is in a position, then repeating the information in an objective and/or “Summary of Qualifications” can be redundant.
If you are going to use the “Summary of Qualifications,” you should keep it short and to the point. There is no need to say more then 3-4 sentences maximum. Also, be sure not to repeat information in your “Summary of Qualifications”  that is already listed in other areas on your resume, otherwise you are just wasting page space.

Top 10 Mistakes Job Seekers Make When Writing Their Resumes

The TOP 10 Mistakes Made When Writing a Resume

1) Not being 100 % honest

2) Having too much information and/or too many pages

3) Listing your reasons for leaving on your resume and/or listing your salary history

4) Poor formatting, including having too much white space on the page and/or putting all of your information in paragraph form rather then bulleting out your experience

5) Listing an address in a location far away from where you are applying for (this specifically applies for people from out of state-get a PO BOX if need be)

6) Having an inappropriate email address-such as or phone message or song when people try to reach you

7) Using personal pronouns, such as “I did blah blah blah”. I is not appropriate for a resume

8) Having a picture or a border around your resume

9) Being vague and/or too general about your experience

10) Having typos, grammatical errors, or misspellings