The Top 10 things which will help you be more effective at interviewing

1) Always show up 15 minutes early with several copies of your resume and references
2) Always fill out an application thoroughly and completely with neat, legible hand writing
3) Always research a company prior to an interview
4) Dress professionally
5) Uncross your legs and your arms during your interview. Remember that your body language is just as important as what you are saying.
6) Always have a firm handshake upon meeting the person your are interviewing with
7) Always have good eye contact
8) Be flexible when asked about salary. Remember that until you have the offer, it does not matter how much you want, you are not in a position of power until you get the offer
9) Be CONFIDENT. Do not get intimidated by what could be awkward silences, rather you could engage the interviewer
10) Always come to any interview prepared with at least 3-5 great questions to ask the person you are meeting with about themselves or the company